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The 10-Day Guide to Your 5-to-9

(⬆️ Old video of me in 2017 launching my own 5-to-9 ⬆️)

I used to be the guy who told everyone to leave their job to follow their dreams and passions and blah, blah, blah.

"Who wants to die shackled to their cubicle? "

I’m pretty sure I said that at one point.

When I left my full-time job in 2017 to do God-knows-what, I even bragged about it.

I really shouldn’t have, that decision put me $26,000 in debt, emotionally scarred, and a bit more jaded about than a 30 year-old should be.

(I’m all better now, thanks for asking.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t quit your job. If someone is willing to pay you every other week for showing up and sitting at a desk, by all means take the d*mn money.


  • If you dream of having a bit more freedom one day,
  • or affording an expensive vacation every year,
  • or paying off the house early,
  • or just having something fun and rewarding to do

...sticking to your traditional 9-to-5 isn’t going to be enough.

That’s why you need a 5-to-9.

What will this course teach you

Each lesson is packed with insightful gems and actionable steps to help you launch your own 5-to-9. Will you be able to leave your job at the end of 10 days? No, you won’t (please promise me you won’t).

Instead, this 10-day email course will focus on the following:

  • Day 1: Finding the time
  • Day 2: Find your skills
  • Day 3: Grow your skills
  • Day 4: Tools of the trade(s)
  • Day 5: Build your portfolio
  • Day 6: Understand your money
  • Day 7: Case study #1
  • Day 8: Case study #2
  • Day 9: Your reading list
  • Day 10: Going pro

I’ve made many mistakes along the way and I want to help you avoid those mistakes.

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